Spark One and Spark Two are the two office buildings that represent the new entrance to Milan, near the Rogoredo railway and metro station.

The new buildings will also house various commercial activities, including two thousand square meters of restaurant spaces.

One of the many innovative projects signed by Progetto CMR.

Great attention was paid to all aspects relating to the safety and health of workers and customers with the aim of achieving the LEED Platinum standard and WELL GOLD.

To ensure the highest level of well-being, a further and essential qualitative step has been taken by carrying out an assessment on compliance with the electromagnetic induction limits of the electrical systems installed inside the buildings and establishing the Quality Objective of 3 µT as maximum reachable limit in areas with prolonged permanence of people.

G-iron® Srl has worked with extreme professionalism to the design of all the shielding systems to contain the threat represented by these “electromagnetic spaces” so that they could not cause, either today or in the future, damage of any kind to health.

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