G-iron MRI®

Low and High Frequency Shielding
in a single material


G-iron MRI® is the natural evolution of
G-iron ArmoFlex® in the medical field: unique and multifunctional product for shielding the static and dynamic field from 0 Hz to 1 GHz, on the market starting from spring 2024.

G-iron MRI® offers both magnetic confinement and Faraday cage in a thickness of just 1 mm, without ever compromising G-iron’s combination of effectiveness and ease of installation.

The sides, coated respectively in copper and pure aluminium, give the shielding system very high permeability and conductivity.

G-iron MRI® has A1 reaction to fire classification, making it totally incombustible.

It is installed directly on exposed surfaces with plugs, nails, double-sided tape, glues, resins, etc. In the presence of corners or curvatures, proceed to appropriately shape G-iron MRI® with your hands, using a reference ruler.

Shielding in both low and high frequency

Magnetic confinement and Faraday Cage

Flexibility and ease of installation

Innovative and patented solution

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G-iron MRI® product.

PATENT N° 102021000028436
OF 11/23/2023

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