Substations with exclusion zone ZERO

The result of an efficient and accurate shielding system.

The result of an efficient and accurate shielding system.

Our specific engineering skills, along with the use of
G-iron SupeFlex allow us to certify the elimination of the “Exclusion Zone” of prefabricated HV/LV substations, both over- and underground, which are nowadays very common in every corner of cities, parks, nearby residential buildings etc. etc….

Without any shielding system installed, the exclusion zone, intended as the safe distance for the protection of general population according Italian Prime Ministerial Decree dated 8th of July 2003
(f = 50 Hz), can extend to up to 5-6 m. In standard conditions and with a transformer power of around 630 kVA the safety distance is, in any case, not much lower.

It is reasonable to think that any HV/LV substation which is not shielded should be surrounded by a fence/hedge/warning signs for the purpose of avoiding that people access areas where the induction value might be above legal limits and could, hence, interact with the human body and/or with implantable medical devices, increasing the risk of health implications.

The “Zero Exclusion Zone Substation” guarantees the reduction of the magnetic field within the value of induction of 3 µT for projects including transformers up to 1000 kVA. Higher power values require an accurate feasibility study in cooperation with the Client.

The results obtained are not only due to an accurate and efficient shielding project but also to specific advice given by G-iron regarding the electrical layout of the substation.

The product has already been on the market for two successful years and the highest number of installations (hundreds) has been completed in Turin, Parma, Florence besides other parts of Italy.

Apart from supporting Customers through consultations regarding the electrical layout of the substation and supplying turn-key shielding solutions, G-iron also certifies the outcome through an extremely accurate commissioning procedure carried out once the substation is fully operational.

Readings are taken based on strict protocols and are shared and discussed with supervisory bodies such as the Italian public health authorities “USL” and environmental authorities “ARPA”.

Such protocols are sometimes completed through further procedures required by our quality standards (up to 200 measurement marks) and the results are shared with our Clients, guaranteeing that the desired result has been achieved.

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