Attention to design for secondary distribution


G-iron Pipe™ was born from the need to shield high levels of magnetic induction even in challenging contexts, where performance needs an equally solid appearance, and will be launched on the market in spring 2024.

Electrical distribution, often overlooked when designing, can generate significant induction values that will pollute the environment, and G-iron Pipe™ presents itself as an easy solution for shielding these sources.

The results of the tests in our laboratory highlight a very high shielding performance, such as to “erase” the buffer zone in favor of a significant reduction in the burial depth of the cables, if not its total elimination.

The excellent results of this shielding system, combined with the ease with which it can be installed, make G-iron Pipe™ an intuitive and high-performance alternative to the much more difficult excavation.

G-iron Pipe™ offers our G-iron AFH™ shielding configuration in a new shape and external finish that wraps and seals G-iron ArmoFlex® with a two-component material, resistant to immersion (even in hydrocarbons!), elements designed to guarantee resistance, elasticity and lightness.

Test that have been peformed in regards to G-iron Pipe™’s resistance to crushing have highlighted a very high resistance: in fact, the average force at 5% of the diameter detected on three samples was approx. 8000 Newtons.

Furthermore, the test did not detect any visual breakage and the external sheath does not allow for entry of light and water. The official certificate is currently being processed by the Giordano Institute.

External finish in two-component resin

Excellent resistance to corrosion, crushing and immersion

Optimal resistance, elasticity and lightness

Very high shielding performance

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G-iron PIPE™ shielding efficiency at 450mm from the bottom of the trench

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