On the market for nearly 20 years.


G-iron AFH™ has high shielding efficiency, obtained by overlapping aluminum alloy sheets with one or more layers of G-iron ArmoFlex®.

In this configuration magnetic reflection, a “collateral” effect of conductivity of aluminum when exposed to a low frequency magnetic field, is added to the already high shielding efficiency of
G-iron ArmoFlex®.

G-iron AFH™ shielding systems are created with a thickness of a minimum of 4 mm up to a maximum of 6.6 mm. Depending on the design specifications, the conductivity of the shielding surface will be restored in the most efficient and least invasive way for the installation context.

The modularity of the configuration allows for layered installation in order to operate with individual elements with low weight.

High shielding efficiency

Modular configuration

Non-invasive shielding conductivity restoration

Possibility of layered installation

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