G-iron® shielded cable trays

A new shielding approach for cable trays.

shielded cable trays

G-iron ExadTM / G-iron IcosTM: Shield and chic

These are “elegant” and light-weight industrial products which definitely provide an improved shielding performance compared to the traditional rectangular models.

These trays are different from the traditional ones constructed with a rectangular base and lid, which are still produced in all sizes on request.
G-iron Exad
TM, internal diameter 170 mm, is the medium size model of a series of polygonal tray tables available since September 2017.

On the other hand, G-iron IcosTM, internal diameter 300 mm, is currently the biggest model available.

The complete range of these products is available with a rough, anodized or sandblasted finish, as well as painted in RAL colors available on request to differentiate the paths. Special pieces and anchoring systems are defined during the design phase and custom-made.

High efficiency

Quick installation

Extremely low costs

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Industrial patent

Brevetto industriale canalette schermanti

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