Since 2003



G-iron® Srl has been the Italian leader in the field of low frequency magnetic shielding in the range from 0 Hz to 400 kHz, for more than 15 years and is active abroad, in eight countries, where G-iron is directly represented through partnerships with Companies specializing in the same sector.

The attention we put into our work is confirmed by the 20-year warranty certificate that we offer on every project as producers of the shielding material thanks to our partnership with Allianz, which allows us to include a worldwide insurance policy for a value of 5 million euros.

Our mission is to provide the most effective solutions for the protection of the population and professionally exposed workers from exposure to EMC, as well as for the protection of the most sophisticated electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference and the protection of sensitive data, thus ensuring a general improvement of life in public and private spaces.

G-iron® is empirical research: we design, install, test, certify and guarantee our shielding products.

Our R&D department often involves internationally known labs and organizations including: the CSM SpA an internationally known product development center (belonging to Rina SpA),  the Italian National Research Council , the National Institute for Nuclear Physics, and the National Metrology Institute (NMI).

We have become a point of reference not only in the Italian market, but also in the foreign market through partnerships and collaborations with highly-innovative companies such as engineering companies, universities, construction companies, architects and designers.

G-iron® shielding systems are widely used to solve shielding problems in many fields: from industrial, commercial and residential to medical, transport, data center, automotive, etc.

We face challenges and ensure results. We take care of our Customers and Partners’ needs, providing constant communication and support from our headquarters in Italy, where a team of experts works daily to achieve the highest quality standards. In this regard, we provide additional support on Electromagnetic Impact Analysis, checking and evaluating the environmental impact caused by EMC.



The protection of people

Most of the time we potentially come in contact with all those invisible elements which are harmful to our health. For example, LV substations are an important source of magnetic radiation.

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These are “high prevention” areas for future generations, from birth to graduation, and research labs require a safe and “magnetically clean” environment in order to ensure the best possible performance of electronic devices and optimize investments.

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Medical equipment
In hospitals, where medical devices have a very low tolerance towards electromagnetic pollution (operating theaters, MRI rooms, CAT…etc) and need to operate in the best possible conditions in order to yield reliable results and supply proper diagnosis; where people’s health is already compromised and a safe environment is essential to speed up the healing process.

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Databases and archives

Data centers, the most critical and sensitive archiving system of any company, where many strong sources of electromagnetic induction are present and the electronic equipment is sensitive.

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High-accuracy equipment

In high-tech environments, where results must be accurate and in all those locations where technology is involved in everyday life, namely in schools, on various means of transportation, in the construction industry, in research centers, where SEM and TEM microscopes tolerate extremely low levels of static and dynamic induction and in places where people are daily exposed both for work and for leisure.

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Strong induction

On ships and yachts, where a strong induction in a confined space causes an increased exposure to magnetic fields. A shielding system provides peace of mind and a high quality of life.

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