The meeting between G-iron Srl and the Italian Agents Network was held last week, on the 14th of June: an essential meeting to bolster coordination between the core team and the Italian commercial network. Meeting with the Agencies is a fundamental moment of in-depth analysis, growth and planning, an indispensable opportunity for constructive discussion, and while it is true that the past is analyzed, it is also and above all a chance through which momentum is acquired in order to keep moving, determined and motivated, towards the future.

We have explored innovative ideas and products to offer the “market”, which is increasingly attentive to the protection of health in civil, industrial and public areas.

The Agencies support us and amplify our presence in the territory, creating essential synergies for optimal cooperation with Clients and Partners, with due attention paid to the environment and respect for the Law which regulates the limit values ​​to be respected regarding exposure to low frequency magnetic fields.

Supported by convivial moments, pleasant company and discussions/meetings, we wish EVERYONE good luck in their work!