G-iron ArmoFlex® takes shielding to the highest levels of safety, flexibility and ease of installation.

A material with A1 fire rating, it can be installed directly on exposed surfaces with dowels, nails, double-sided tape, glues, resins, etc.
It can be modeled appropriately by hand and can be laid under the screed as it is protected from corrosion by its aluminum coating.

Magnetic continuity is ensured by the “side-by-side laying” of the various strips of the shield or by a minimal overlap of the edges.

We produce shields with a thickness from 1.3 mm (one layer) up to a maximum of 3.8 mm (three layers).

G-iron ArmoFlex® has contributed to the successful construction and optimization of major projects (LEED projects too) in the residential, commercial, military, hospital and medical research and development sectors both in Italy and abroad.

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