In the beating heart of the metropolis of Milan, the Snam HQ stands tall not only as an architectural symbol but also as a bastion of technological innovation. The choice to implement the G-iron ArmoFlex shielding system along the entire height of the building represented a challenge, but above all it portrayed the achievement of a goal towards environmental sustainability and public health, for a general improvement in the quality of life even in the workplace.

Objective: Effectively shielding electromagnetic pollution, thus protecting employee health and demonstrating our dedication to safe and responsible working practices.

The installation was challenging: extending protection across all 13 floors of the building. Detailed attention to every possible induction source guided our design process and led to the creation of a safe and fast installation mechanism.

Results: Through careful planning and the use of modern technologies, we have managed to create a working environment that not only exceeds safety standards but stands as an example of technological innovation applied to people’s well-being.