After months of study, experiments and laboratory tests, the patent for a new active material in the shielding of magnetic fields from 0 Hz 10 GHz and probably beyond was filed.

The collaboration of private and institutional measurement labs was significant. They verified step by step the evolution of what was the idea, turning it into a reality through accurate measurements of shielding efficiency (SE), which is momentarily not achievable in G-iron®.

A single material, light and easy to install, with attenuation coefficients on average above what is available on the market today. A material that combines twenty years of experience in low frequency shielding with the well-known technology of high frequency shielding and the Faraday cage.

A technological science of great complexity, the high frequency one, that our Consultants and Partners are taking steps to illustrate to us.

The difficulty in finding some components on the market is temporarily interfering with the activities of certification of the product. It is desirable to be able to start in the first months of 2022 and take the “international field” before the summer holidays.

The product will have the immediate objective of certifying the attenuation of the magnetic spectrum from 0 Hz to 200 MHz to comply with already active objective requests, and then move towards 10 GHz and beyond.

All attenuation certifications will be carried out by accredited laboratories directly at G-iron® and referring to the “magnetic bunker” which was built with this purpose.

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