In the heart of Rome, the Palazzo Raggi redevelopment project represented a challenge, as it always happens when there is the need to integrate modern technologies into a historically rich environment. The G-iron ArmoFlex shielding system is a cutting-edge solution for shielding low-frequency magnetic induction, and its characteristics minimize the aesthetic impact all the while offering efficient solutions even in atypical architectural contexts.

The problem: How to intervene in a historic building and preserve its aesthetic integrity, while still ensuring compliance with the laws regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields?

The solution: G-iron ArmoFlex also proves ideal for its ability to smoothly adapt to irregular surfaces, following the profile of beams and vaulted ceilings, arches and columns, without compromising the structure of the building. Its versatility made it the optimal choice for the context of Palazzo Raggi.

The results: A result that exemplifies how the innovative shielding solutions offered by G-iron can not only lend themselves to any application, but also contribute to the enhancement of historic buildings, ensuring greater health safety and therefore a higher quality of life.